Live TV broadcasts from the studio

Start broadcasting your shows live. Interactive with audience feedback over the internet! We broadcast live and record podcasts, video podcasts, courses, professional television, in-house seminars, discussion shows, video podcasts, training... The possibilities are endless, and the time when television and the internet have merged is here. Get ahead of your competition.

Rent a studio and keying background - without cameras, mics

  • Studio rental 13 x 7,5 m
  • greenscreen, for live and post-production keying, 6 and 2.7 m wide
  • 5500 K permanent lights - 2x Kinoflo 650 W, 2x 500 W, 1 x 320 W, 2x LED 150 W dimmable, possibility of fitting accessories on Bowens bayonet

Ready to go TV studio

We have a pre-prepared TV studio for 2-3 people, where you come in, take a breath, take a microphone, turn on the lights and you can broadcast or film straight away.

Fullservice production

  • 3 x fullHD JVC / Panasonic camera
  • live editing room with keying
  • playing pre-recorded videos, embedding video from laptops / iphones / internet / subtitlingteleprompter
  • 4 x full diversity wireless microport with lapel/head microphones
  • 1x wireless handheld microphone
  • stream to up to 5 servers simultaneously (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, RTMP, ...)
  • possibility to embed the stream directly on your website
  • private streaming option
  • incl. cameraman, live editing, sound engineer
  • at the end you take away the finished recording
  • possibility of post-production if you don't want to do it yourself

Multi-episode shows

If you're preparing multiple episodes of your show, whether it's an hour-long podcast or ten-minute episodes of a course, consider recording many episodes in one visit. Not only will you save time, but one episode will cost you a fraction of what you would pay to record episode after episode. We hold the record with the Utiquette course, where we filmed a 55 part course in two days with each part being around 8 - 15 minutes long.

Shooting videos

In the same vein, you can have a filmed programme instead of a live broadcast. The entire shoot is done as a live broadcast, at the end of the shoot you take away the finished edited footage.

TV studio filming prices.