Rent of studio digifoto I. P. Pavlova in the centre of Prague

The studio is suitable for photography on classic monochrome backgrounds and for boudoir photography. There is a small entrance room in front of the studio which is used for putting away outfits and for makeup, if you have your own kits you can use it for free before your own shoot as whoever is next to you has another makeup table inside the studio. From there you enter the studio room, which features a wallpaper stage and classic white and coloured backgrounds. From the studio room you enter the photo equipment store, bathroom, toilet and kitchenette.

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(3D prohlídka doplnit)

Opening hours

Mon - Fri: 7:00 - 22:00

Sat: 8:00 - 20:00, Sun 10:00 - 20:00

Public holidays: closed



Room main room 54 m2, total 76 m2
dimension of the main room 9 m x 6 m
ceiling height 3,75 m
wall colour

4 wallpaper stages


5 windows, daylight, blackout

background to use for free
320 cm -
270 cm - black, grey, beige, chroma green 
Batiked 6 x 3 m 6 species
Internet, WiFi no
conference chairs for training and presentations

10 x, mix grey, violet

portable table (doplnit foto)
mobile strap bar (shield)

high aluminium, wooden step

chairs for photo shoots
stools, sofa, chaise longue  


140 x 200 cm, s prostěradlem a přehozy, polštářky


Sada látek, přehozů, bot


Radio / USB / Bluetooth věž s dálkovým ovládáním


ANO, v létě cca 22 - 23 °C

Photographic accessories
fixed grip on the background 2,72 m

remote control motors and chains

lift with handles on the background 2,72 m

for hanging rolls, fabric and batik backgrounds and photo backdrops without the need to use the rods - you lower it all the way down and then pull it up using the remote control.
It can be used to hang a projection screen (currently in place).

permanent lights

2 x LED 150 W / 5500 K, Bowens bayonet for mounting flash-like accessories
2 x fluorescent light 320 W / 5500 K / 4 spiral fluorescent lamps

fixing of lights

4 x 6 m rail system (no cables on the ground), tripods


standard tripods, ground tripod, boom (stork)


(doplnit foto, upravit seznam)

1x octagon 140 cm, 2x octagon 90 cm, 1x square 90 x 90 cm, 1x rectangle,
2x stripbox 180 x 40 cm, deepbox



2x standard, 1x umbrella,
2x tilt, 2x snoot

beauty dish with honeycomb

70 cm

umbrellas ?
reflective plates with arm and tripod

round, diameter approx. 90 cm, hand-held and on tripod

reflective panels
1x panel - colours white, black, silver, gold
flaps with honeycomb

(doplnit foto vostina)

1 pair

filters for standard reflector

1 sada

filters for the backlight

25 barev, samostatné folie

tripod ano
remote control for flashes
4x launcher, receiver for each flash (instructions on Youtube)

2 x 1 m, unfolded, you have to assemble it according to the photo
(it is easier to assemble in Chodov in 1 minute)

degreasing V flat plates / screen
2pcs - height 2 m, width 2x 60 cm, black and white
stojan na skladování a uzamčení Vašich vlastních pozadí (doplnit foto)
make-up table

2 make-up tables:
1. in front of the studio, if you have a key, you can makeup before the actual rental
2. directly in the studio

dressing area behind the screen / in the bathroom / kitchen / entrance room
bathroom with shower, toilet yes

yes, kettle, cooker, utensils for use and photography, complimentary teas, Nespresso capsule machine (bring your own capsules)

waiting room yes, seating for 2 persons in the entrance room (with dressing table, drawer)


Address and map of the digifoto studio of I. P. Pavlova

Sokolská 35, Praha 2 - centre of Prague, right on nám. I. P. Pavlova.
Floor: raised ground floor, about ten steps
Wheelchair access: from Ječná Street, past the pizzeria, by lift to the raised ground floor

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Metro: line C, station I. P. Pavlova, exit 50 m
Tram: yes, lines 4, 6, 10, 11, 16, 22
Bus: yes, 291
Car: directly on the main road from Wenceslas Square, no. (direction Brno), parking at 3 nearby paid parking lots (distance 20 and 50 m)