For the professionals

Shoot and film in a professional studio without investment and high rent

Dozens of professional photographers and videographers use digifoto studios. If you're also deciding whether to build your own studio, continue shooting in your living room, or thinking about how to do it differently, you've come to the right place.

Do you want to shoot, or build, own and pay unnecessarily?

Over the years I have found that photographers in particular are divided into two camps. Those who want to own their own studio, and those who want to shoot. You might say - that's nonsense, a photographer builds his studio because he wants to take pictures. But the reality is that what makes a photographer successful is not his own premises and a pile of studio hardware. That's where the vast majority of photographers drown their money. Instead of putting together a great presentation, shooting profile pictures, polishing their website, working on social media and working around contacting clients, they are "raising" money to keep their studio financially afloat. Ten grand a month rent, electricity,... Hell, I still have to shoot two jobs to pay for it and be at least broke. If you do the math, it's easy to get over a hundred grand a year for a small studio. Plus equipment in the high tens of thousands at least. How many jobs a year do you have to shoot to pay for it? And how much to have left over for the rest? A successful photographer who doesn't work in a studio every day isn't paying a hundred grand or more a year for a studio unnecessarily. He invests that money in top-notch lenses, in education, in his well-being, which then yields great ideas, and especially in marketing to sell his work and ideas. And he still has plenty left over. So where does he shoot? He just rents a studio.

You do the shooting and the filming, and leave the rest to us.

Become a member of digifoto. Try it with us, for example, for 1100 a month, that's five hours in atjas, at a price of only 220 crowns an hour. Normally that's enough for plus or minus two jobs. If you get more than that, great, you make money. If you have less, you can shoot TFP or for fun and still save significantly per year versus owning your own studio. You get what you can't find elsewhere in Prague - two ateliers in two locations, including full equipment. You will become a member of the largest Prague association of photographers.

I'm sure you're wondering all sorts of questions right now... Email them to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Or drop by for one of the regular tours I hold. I will be happy to discuss everything with you. I'll send you the dates of the appointments by email, or check out the events on our digifoto Facebook page.

Now how to do it!

Just fill in the form, indicate that you are interested in membership and we will arrange a date together to hand over the keys to the studios.