Price for Renting Studios / TV Studio

We offer two types of photo/video studio rentals at digifoto I. P. Pavlova and Chodov, one-time and long-term (separate is renting or production in the TV studio).

One-time rental is suitable for you if you don't anticipate more events per year. If you need a studio several times a year, it pays to become a member, whether as an individual or a company, amateur or professional.

Digifoto Membership - Long-term Studio Rental with Prepaid Hours

If you use the studio several times a year, this is the most cost-effective option. Additionally, you have your own key and access to the reservation system. If you expect regular monthly use of the studios, monthly tariffs are suitable for you. If you will not use the studios regularly, annual tariffs are more advantageous for you.

As a member, you have additional free hours for summer use with each tariff, which, if counted, gives you an exceptionally low hourly price (third column of the tables).

Monthly Tariffs

This is the cheapest way to rent. You use the studios for a minimum of 5 or 20 hours every month for 12 months, payment a month in advance (hours are not transferred between months).

Monthly Tariffs Per hour according to the tariff Per hour with additional
summer hours counted
5 hours per month (and possibly more)
+ 10 additional free summer hours
250 CZK  214 CZK
20 hours per month (and possibly more)
+ 20 additional free summer hours
220 CZK  203 CZK

5 hours per month morning tariff (and possibly more)
+ 10 additional free summer hours

(time from 23:00 to the next day 10:00. To use
studios outside this time, you need another tariff.)

99 CZK  85 CZK

 Annual Rates

Subscribe to 10, 20, or 50 hours for the following 12 months, and when and how you use them is up to you. If you use up your plan, you can continue by prepaying for more hours at the same or a different rate.

Annual Rates Per Hour by Rate Per Hour with
Additional Summer Hours
10 per year (and possibly more)
+ 10 free hours for summer
390 CZK 195 CZK
20 per year (and possibly more)
+ 10 free hours for summer
320 CZK  213 CZK
50 per year (and possibly more)
+ 10 free hours for summer
270 CZK  225 CZK

The studio rental contract is concluded for one year, with hours used beyond the plan charged at the same rate. During the year, you can switch between rates, both higher and lower. In case of long-term illness or travel, the contract can be temporarily suspended (extended for this period).

Book your studio rental in advance through the reservation system up to 30 days ahead. If you plan to use the studios for courses and workshops and need to reserve dates even further in advance, we will arrange it. The minimum reservation time is 1 hour, and reservations are made in whole hours, starting on the hour.

If you want a more advantageous monthly rate and are afraid that once or twice a year, perhaps during holidays, you won't use the studio for a whole month - consider it. Don't hesitate and fill in the registration today, as the studio capacity is limited.

Free bonus summer hours can only be used between July and September of the given year and do not carry over to the next year.

One-Time Rental

Checking Available Dates

By form, email, or phone. Indicate which studio you want (or if you don't mind), date and time of the reservation from - to.

Date Reservation

It's best by form, or alternatively by email. Indicate which studio you want, date and time of the reservation from - to. We will confirm your reservation by email, and only then is it valid. You will check if everything is as you need. The reservation serves as a binding order.


The payment is for the entire reservation time plus any additional time and services you have ordered. Payment in cash at the beginning of the rental.

Rental Price

1 - 2 hours: 600 CZK / hour, each additional hour 400 CZK.

Basic background (black, white, gray), equipment (lights, furniture, electricity, heating) is included in the price.

Cancellation Fee

For rentals up to 3 hours, a cancellation fee is charged if canceled on the same day.

For rentals lasting 4 or more hours - 24 - 48 hours in advance, a 50% cancellation fee; less than 24 hours in advance, a 100% cancellation fee.

Price for Background

Use of basic backgrounds is included in the price. For the 6-meter-wide greenscreen at Chodov - the use of the walk-on part costs 500 CZK for the entire event.

Assistance during Rental

Need more than just an explanation of the buttons on the flashes? Want help with lighting? The solution is the assistance of a professional photographer during your photoshoot. They will help you with settings, lights, exposure measurement, composition... Must be communicated at the time of reservation!

Assistance price: first hour 500 CZK, each additional hour 300 CZK

TV Studio Price

Studio rental without staff

With the option of paid training for your people (approximately 4 hours):

annual hours in the studio rate / h
200 400 CZK
100 500 CZK
50 600 CZK
20 900 CZK
10 1100 CZK

Studio rental with service

Time in the studio is counted. Technical preparation in advance is included in the price. The first hour in the studio is 4000 CZK, each additional hour is 2000 CZK. Preparation (livestream, graphics, ...) is 1000 CZK / hour, any post-production is 1000 CZK / hour.

For example, if you manage to create two video podcasts in two hours, one will cost you 3000 CZK. If you record 10 ten-minute interviews in two hours, one will cost you 600 CZK. Clients typically record dozens of their own episodes, 5-20 minutes long, during the day, and pay on the order of hundreds of Czech crowns per episode.


The prices listed here are final. We are not VAT payers.