Most frequent questions

If I have a studio rental agreement, can I use all the studios?

Yes, you can always choose which studio is more suitable for your event, book it and go for it.

What about parking?

Atelier digifoto I. P. Pavlova - there are three parking lots within 50 m, which are free from 6pm and on weekends. In the vast majority of cases you can park. There is short-term parking right below the windows for carrying more stuff.

Atelier digifoto Chodov - many parking lots around, both paid and free (these are busier on weekdays). Most often we park directly on the street in front of the reception, or in the parking house opposite OC Westfield Chodov (about 50 m), where the first three hours are free and then you pay 40 CZK / hour.

Is there anything else to pay besides renting the studio?

No, the prices are final. The price includes equipment, lights, electricity, heating. Each photographer (for long term rental) uses his own background, everyone can use common backgrounds (white, black, ...).

What about the availability? Are there free dates?

With multiple photo studios, there are plenty of available dates, and you can usually find a same-day shoot at one of them. On other days, a large number of dates are available. We are gradually opening more studios for you, depending on your interest. The busiest dates are about a month before Christmas, when you need to book more in advance if you want a larger selection of dates.

How do I book appointments in the photo studio?

One-off rentals - fill in the studio booking form, if a date becomes available we will book it for you straight away. If not, we will send you the available dates.

Long-term rentals - as a digifoto member, you will receive access to a shared booking calendar where you choose the studio and the date/time of your booking. Bookings can be made from the current date and time up to one month in advance (more if agreed).

Where do I get a background and where do I take it?

If you want any special colors or materials, you will arrange it yourself from one of the vendors and store it in digifoto at the studio of your choice (custom lock is required).