Benefits of Digifoto Studios

Choice of Multiple Studios

Before each photo shoot, decide which studio you will be using. Do you need a larger space? The Chodov studio is 13 meters (approximately 95 m2 of the main room area). Need natural daylight for a seminar? Chodov is optimal. Want to host a photo workshop in the center of Prague? I. P. Pavlova... Need parking for multiple cars directly in the garage at the studio? Chodov... and so you choose a shoot for every shoot, depending on whether you (or your client) prefer one studio over another. You have access and keys to all of them.

Complete Equipment - No Investment in Equipment

Studios are fully equipped with lights, softboxes, reflectors, radio triggers, flash meters, etc. Each studio has basic backgrounds - white, black, green screen, gray, beige. Usually, you'll find colored backgrounds with a selection that changes over time. Of course, you can bring and use your own backgrounds and equipment.

All you need for shooting is your own camera and someone to photograph. This eliminates the need for investment in the order of tens or hundreds of thousands of crowns. If you think of any equipment missing from the studio, let us know, and we'll think together about whether it's worth acquiring it for you to use.

Your Own Background

You can use shared backgrounds for free; you can bring your own, and members can store them in the studio.

Suspension System for Lights

In the studios, lights are hung from walls or ceilings, which means you have the entire studio floor at your disposal. There are no tripods or cables getting in your way, and neither children nor models have the chance to stumble upon them.

Background Lifts

Digifoto studios are equipped with unique background lifts. Instead of climbing ladders to the ceiling, balancing and hanging backgrounds on holders high above the floor, you simply lower the lift, attach the background, and lift it back up. The lift can hold traditional roll backgrounds, printed backgrounds, fabric, tie-dyed, satin, muslin, and anything that can be attached using large pegs/clips.

Unique Wet Scene

Do you want to shoot in wet conditions, with falling water, on a black or white background? Check out our Wet Stage with Shower.

Never photographed in a studio and don't know what the knobs on the lights are for?

No problem, we'll go through the light controls together so you know what each one is for. Stop by for a tour where we'll discuss it, reserve a spot in the Studio Control Basics course, or order assistance from a professional photographer when reserving for a one-time rental.

And what about prices?

Low Fixed Costs

You don't have to deal with high monthly payments for rent, electricity, cleaning, or equipment installments. Renting in Digifoto is a fraction of these costs.

Low Hourly Rates

If you have a prepaid plan, for example, 5 hours per month or 20 hours per year, you reserve the dates yourself, unlock the studio yourself, and clean up after yourself. Thanks to this, our rental prices are very affordable.

I need low fixed monthly costs

You don't know how many jobs you'll have this month, next month, during the summer, or in the fall. But there's always a job that comes along eventually, and you need low monthly costs so you don't stress about paying for the studio, and you don't have to pay high rent, utilities, electricity, etc., every month. Even if you have more shoots than usual, your costs will be a fraction of what you'd pay for your own space.

I need a low hourly rental rate

You have a job that you'd like to execute, but commercial studio rental for 500 CZK or more per hour isn't worth it because all the earnings would go towards the rent? Thanks to the low rental price in the club, you can now carry out even low-budget jobs while making a reasonable profit, giving you a competitive advantage over other photographers.

I need a studio for non-commercial shooting with my friend

Would you like to shoot in a well-equipped studio, but regular rentals aren't worth it for your hobby? Make an arrangement with your friend and split one of the plans! This way, you'll get a better price.