Rental of photo studios and video studios in Prague for photo, video and livestreaming

Don't make full use of your own studio, but still need it several times a week or year? We have a unique offer for you - photostudio rental in Prague at the lowest price, in the best locations on the metro. You can rent studios once or long term, as a member. If you become a member, you will have the most favorable conditions. You guarantee a low price and a key to all studios, and it's up to you when and in which one.

Different types of studios in different locations

In all studios you will find the standard equipment (flashes, steady lights, backgrounds), but in each you will also find something extra. We have prepared for you a 9 meter long boudoir studio in the centre of Prague with daylight, four wallpaper stages, curtains, bed, stools and various decorations. The largest studio, with a 4.5 m wide white and 4 m wide black background, a wet set and equipment for filming, as well as a secondary studio for livestream can be found in Chodov. If you want to come and see it, drop me a line.


We will broadcast your show, training, course, professional TV or other event live from our TV studio in Chodov, or from outside live on Facebook, YouTube or website. Contact us, we will be happy to show you everything.

Lowest rental prices in Prague

Most photographers who are members of the studio have prices under 300 CZK per hour. You won't find such a selection, equipment and size of studios at this price in Prague. And if you are an early bird, the price of 99 CZK / hour for renting between 7 and 10 am will appeal to you, just choose the morning rate.

One-off photo studio rentals

Don't shoot even 10 hours in a year and don't need the keys to the photo studio? Then a one-time studio rental is suitable for you. Click here to book.

Long-term photo studio rentals

The most advantageous is to become a digifoto member, you will get your own keys and access to the booking. It pays off if you shoot at least 10 hours per year. Choose us and become a member if you want:

  • get your own keys to digifoto studios and shoot or film as needed
  • you don't want to pay the high monthly costs of your own photo studio, which you won't fully use anywa
  • you don't want to take pictures of strangers in your small living room
  • you want to store your props and photo backgrounds in the photo studio
  • you want to have a perfectly accessible photo studio for your customers, to which they will not have to travel to the outskirts of Prague
  • you are a freelance photographer, you need a photo studio, but you get assignments on the fly
  • you are a photographer who shoots most of your assignments outside the studio, from time to time you have assignments for studio photography (people, tabletops, ...), but the usual hourly studio rental rates are high for you
  • you organize workshops for photographers or models and prefer a photography studio to other spaces
  • you are doing production photo shoots for photo banks and need facilities and a solid price for studio rental
  • you are organizing casting for a client and you need a studio in the center of Prague for a few hours or a whole day