Pankrác I.P.Pavlova



floorplan fotoateliér Digifoto

Space main room 60 m2, total 75 m2 main room 40 m2, total 65 m2
lenght 12 m 9 m
width 5 m 5.65 m
ceiling height 3.6 m 3.75 m
wall colour white white
WiFi (under preparation) 10 Mbit
conference chairs for trainings and presentations   20 x
wheeled bar rack (under preparation) yes
dishes cups, glasses more for use and taking photos
small accessories for shooting   toy box for kids
stand with 3 steps with 3 steps
aluminium stand 8 steps 6 steps
chairs for shooting yes yes
fatboy no yes
music CD / MP3 / USB CD
high-performance fan floor standing
air-conditioning yes  
Accessories for Taking Photographs
Each photographer may use their own equipment (lights, background, photo technologies, accessories... ) or the available equipment and accessories, free of charge.
background holder 2.72 m 4x 4x
background control electric / chains chains
stand for hanging the fabric backgrounds (under preparation) length 3 m, height 2.5 m
flashlights 4x 500 W, 1 x 800 W 4x 500 W, 1x 400 W
suspended lights (no cables on the floor) hinged arms rail system
softboxes 1x octagon 140 cm, 2x octagon 90 cm, 2x stripbox 140 x 35 cm 1x octagon 140 cm, 1x octagon 90 cm, 1x čtverec 90 x 90 cm, 1x rectangle, 2x stripbox 180 x 40 cm
reflectors 2x standard, 2x umbrella, 1x background, 1x snoot 2x standard, 1x umbrella, 1x background, 1x snoot
beauty dish 70 cm 50 cm
umbrellas gold white transparent, reflective silver
parabolic umbrella sun para 170 cm  
reflectors 1x (4 colours) 2x
reflector panels 1x (4 colours)  
honey comb barn doors 2x 1x
filters 2 sady 1 sada
tripod (under preparation) Manfrotto
mini tripod for background reflector or underlighting 1x 1x
wireless flash trigger / receiver 2x / 5x 1x / 5x
flash meter Gossen Gossen
background for a free-of-charge use black and white, vinyl black and grey, non-woven fabric
a stand to store and lock your own backgrounds
Rear area
make-up table big mirror (lights under preparation) big mirror, lights included
space to get changed behind wheeled background / bathroom behind a screen / bathroom
bathroom (shower, bowl) yes yes
kitchenette yes, electric kettle, basic dishes yes, electric kettle, cooker, dishes for use and shooting
WC yes yes
waiting room no