Lease of Photo Studio in Prague at I.P. Pavlova, Pankrác and Chodov

For you, photographers who cannot make a good use of your own studio for 100 %, from Monday to Sunday, from morning to evening, but who still use the photo studio more or less often, irregularly or regularly, we have a unique offer - a lease of three studios for the lowest price, at the best places in the centre of Prague. Thanks to two studios, you will have sufficient free dates for your shooting. You will get the keys to both of them;)

New photo studio of 13 x 7,5 metres, subway line C Chodov, rear area (bathroom, kitchenette), 100% wheelchair access, ceilings of 3.2 m, completely equipped with unique Para Sun 220 cm. Parking 70 m from the entrance, 3 h free of charge. Now, you may use all three the studios alternatively according to which one will be more suitable for a given order (in terms of equipment, location, size, free date, appearance etc.). Come and take the key to all studios!


Single Leases of the Photo Studio

You take photographs once a year and you do not need a key to a studio? Then, the single lease from CZK 300 / hour may be suitable for you.

Long-Term Leases of the Photo Studio

The most suitable form of a lease for anybody who takes photographs in the studio several times during the year and who wants to save money. Choose us if you:

want to have keys to the studio and take photos as you need;

want to have access into two photo shops and choose between them as you need;

do not want to pay high monthly costs of your own studio you may not use in full;

do not want to take photos of strange people at your home in a relatively small living room;

want to have a perfectly accessible photo studio for your customers so they do not need to travel to the outskirts of Prague;

are a freelance photographer, you do need a studio but your orders come irregularly; >

are a photographer who does most of the orders outside a studio but once in a while you have an order for a studio photography (people, tabletops etc.) but usual rates of an hourly lease of a studio are too high for you;

want workshops for photographers or models and you are looking for optimum premises;

take pictures just for fun, you would like to have an option of non-commercial use of a studio but the prices of usual commercial leases are too high for your purposes;

make production shooting of photos for photo banks and you need background and good price of a studio lease;

pressed by time, you are not able to manage the make-up and photos in a given time and you want to have some time allowance? Take one hour more and still save some money!

provide castings for a client and you need a studio in the centre of Prague for a few hours or a day;

take photographs of weddings, university graduations, portraits... and you would like to have a studio with a great location right in the centre (I.P.Pavlova is close to the city hall at Karlov and Old-Town Square.)?

News from the Photo Studio

Miss VŠE 2010 was photographed in our studio

Miss VŠE 2010: Runner-ups during photo session for from Richey Edwards on Vimeo.