If I have a contract for a lease of the photo studio, can I use both the studios?

Yes, each time you may choose which studio is more suitable for the given shooting for you, you book it and you go to take photos there. How about parking?

How about parking?

I.P.Pavlova - within 50 m, there are three parking sites, free of charge from 06:00 p.m. and during weekends. In most of the cases, you will find a place to park. There is a possibility to park right in front of the house, for a short time, to unload things.

Pankrác – more cars can be parked free of charge. Within 2 hours, directly in Billa garages, over 2 hours on the outside parking site or in the nearby garages. One car is completely free of charge with our parking card for a whole day.

Do I pay something else except the rent?

No. Each photographer (in the case of a long-term lease) uses its own background or, as the case may be, a common background (without any guarantee as to its quality). Only in the case of single leases, you pay for the background used.

How about the occupancy? Are there dates free?

Thanks to two photo studios, there are sufficient free dates, usually you will find a free date on the very same day in one or the other studio. For next days, most of the dates are free.

Where do I get the background?

You may bring your own background and lock it in or you may order it from us including the delivery.