I need low fixed monthly costs

I do not know how many orders I will have this month, next month, in summer or autumn. But there is always an order coming and I need low monthly costs not to stress myself whether I can pay for the studio at all; I do not want to pay high rent each month, services, power ... and to work only to pay for these services. And if I have more orders than usual, I may have the studio for only a fraction of the common commercial price.

I need low price for an hour of a lease

You have an order you would like to do but a commercial lease of a studio for CZK 300 - 500 per hour is not cost-efficient for you as the entire remuneration would cover the lease. Thanks to the low price of the lease in the club, you may do also such a low-budget order with reasonable profit which would give you a competitive advantage against other photographers.

My friend and I need a studio for non-commercial photography

You would like to take photos in an equipped studio but commercial lease is not cost-effective for you? Arrange a lease like this with your friend, for instance.