Option of Two Studios

You will decide in which studio you will work before each photo session. Do you need a larger distance? The Pankrác studio is 12m long. Do you need daylight for a seminar? I. P. Pavlova is an optimum choice. Do you need parking for free for more cars? Pankrác...and so you keep on choosing one order after another depending on which one is more suitable for you or your customer.

Low Fixed Costs

You do not need to face a high payment for the rent, power, cleaning and instalments of equipment each month. The lease is only a fraction of these costs.

Low Price per Hour

You paid for 5 or 20 hours of the studio use, for instance, which means some CZK 150,- or 180,- / hour. This is a two-times or even four-times lower price in comparison to common commercial leases.

No Investment into Equipment

The studio is fully equipped for common shooting. Therefore, you do not need to invest dozens of thousands of Czech crowns. You may naturally, as the other photographers, use your own equipment.

Your Own Backgrounds

In the case of a common lease, you will pay approximately CZK 300 for a common meter of a background. Measuring, arguing whether it is damaged, trampled on or not... During a single shooting session you may pay more for the background than for the rent, quite often. This is not the case with us – you put your own background into the stand and it will pay off during two or three photo-sessions, approximately (3m a CZK 300, two sessions = CZK 1,800, the price per background is CZK 1,950).